New Notebooks

I hope you all had a great weekend. I managed to get a lot done even though I didn’t quite have a three day weekend. We had date night at the bookstore on Friday but I felt a bit thwarted because I was hoping one of my must-buy magazines was on the stands but it turns out I was a month ahead. Art Journaling doesn’t come out until next month.

I also noticed that my B&N no longer seems to carry RTBookReviews. This is such a great source especially for series mysteries and publishing news. I’ll look for it next time I go but I may have to get a subscription for this one.

So aside from that I did a bit of yoga, discovered a new coffee shop and lots and lots of bookbinding. I have to get ready for the Flea. While I was waiting for some of my book boards to finish pressing I picked up a wallpaper samples book a friend gave me and decided to put the pretty patterns to good use.

Here is a simple jotter notebook:

Forty pages of drawing paper and a couple of little beads to add some decoration to the waxed linen thread. I may have to make more of these. Pretty, simple and fun.