New Books

I got New Moon today. Oh how I want to read this NOW! Of course an order of books isn’t really an order unless you’ve ordered more than one book right? Here are the other two books I got.

The Case of the Missing Books by Ian Samson. In a field crowded with unlikely sleuths, Israel Armstrong–chubby, nervous, clumsy, headache prone, underachieving–stands out. Jewish and vegetarian, he stands out even more when he accepts a job in Tumdrum, Northern Ireland, where it’s assumed that, if he’s not Protestant, he must be Catholic. Hired to be a librarian, he arrives to find his library closed and his position retitled “Outreach Support Officer”–driver of the decrepit mobile library. Worse, the books he’s supposed to fill it with have disappeared.
Doesn’t that sound great? And, check out the cool cover.

Lullabies for Little Criminals by Heather O’Neill. In her debut novel, This American Life contributor O’Neill offers a narrator, Baby, coming of age in Montreal just before her 12th birthday. Her mother is long dead. Her father, Jules, is a junkie who shuttles her from crumbling hotels to rotting apartments, his short-term work or moneymaking schemes always undermined by his rage and paranoia. Baby tries to screen out the bad parts by hanging out at the community center and in other kids’ apartments, by focusing on school when she can and by taking mushrooms and the like.
I’ve heard good things about this one.

Before I begin my new books though I have promised myself that I will finish Street of Crocodiles (hopefully tonight) and I need to get ahead in Emma. Why is Emma taking me so long to finish? Unfortunately I chose Emma as my lunch time reading book and I’ve been quite busy at work so I haven’t enjoyed a leisurely lunch in a while. The nerve.

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