New Books, New Month

Don’t you just love starting a new month with new books? I have two new books for my nightstand thanks to World Editions books. These two are thrillers by Dutch authors so I’m really excited to discover these authors. Here’s a bit more about the books:

Sleepless Summer by Bram Dehouck. From the book’s synopsis: Seasons come and go in provincial Blaashoek, where the town’s superficial harmony is upended by the arrival of a wind farm—a blessing for some, a curse for others. The irritating hum of the turbines keeps butcher Herman Bracke, known far and wide for his delicious ‘summer pâté,’ awake at night. He falls prey to a deadly fatigue and gradually loses control over his work, setting off a series of bloodcurdling events with fatal consequences for the townspeople.

Mr. Miller by Charles Den Tex. From the book’s synopsis: Mr. Miller is watching you. Michael Bellicher is working for a successful consultancy agency and has everything going for him. During a night spent at work, he witnesses something he should never have seen. Attempting to flee the tightening stranglehold of the conspirators, Michael finds himself tailed by the mysterious Mr. Miller, who seems to know almost everything about him.

I’m looking forward to enjoying these two. Have you heard of these books/authors? Which one would you be most interested in?

I hope you’ve all had a very good start to the month. I got to see one of my best friends this weekend so it was so nice to catch up with her. Now to get ready for the work week.

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