Mystery Or Romance?

I put away Ravens as I was in the mood for a mystery but something a bit more traditional or better yet, a mystery with characters I already know. So finally I thought why not Silent in the Sanctuary by Deanna Raybourn?

silentsanctuary.jpgI read the first book in the series a while back and really enjoyed it. I still remember the first chapter of that book because I thought it had a great opening scene, and so I settled down with the second book in the series last night.

So far I know Lady Julia has been in Italy and is summoned to return back home for Christmas (perfect time to read this book no?). Of course when she arrives at her father’s estate for the grand celebration she finds that Nicholas Brisbane, the handsome inquiry agent she became acquainted with, is also staying at the estate and with a finacée in tow.

I’m enjoying this but where is the mystery? I am beginning to feel as if I’m reading a romance, which there’s nothing wrong with that but I want a corpse to appear here soon! haha… I don’t remember if this was the same in the first book but in this one all the main characters are beautiful and ravishing and that just screams romance to me. I’ve read my share of romance novels long ago so I know what I’m talking about.

Not sure if the series, which now has four books, is more in the romance genre but when I see the covers it does look that way. Anyway, so far it is a fun read and I’ll continue but I’m hoping a mystery is afoot soon.

So have you read these and what did you think?

Oh and I think Trish had a wonderful suggestion for me in my previous post – do mini reviews. Maybe then I can finish some reviews before year end. Stay tuned friends.

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