Mystery Book Group Night

Tonight was the first meeting of the year for my mystery book group and I think we started the year off just right. The book we discussed was Don’t Ever Get Old by Daniel Friedman. I had some mixed feelings about this one when I finished it over the weekend but after our discussion I kind of like it a bit more. Isn’t it funny how that sometimes happens? I’ll try to do a bit more of a write up on it soon.

In the next couple of months we’ll be reading mysteries set in Italy and Iceland. One of these is from the World Noir set so I’m especially looking forward to that one.

Of course while waiting for book group to start I had to check out the mysteries aisle to see what books I need to add to my list:

  • India Black by Carol K. Carr. I’m not very big on spy stories but this is a historical mystery series and I do like the idea of a female spy. I think this would be fun. Anyone read this series?
  • Phantoms of Breslau by Marek Krajewski. I don’t think I’ve read anything by a Polish crime author so this is definitely going on my list. The book is set in 1919 Breslau.
  • Dead to Me by Cath Staincliffe. This is a modern police procedural set in England and according to a blurb I read about it, it should appeal to fans of Deborah Crombie books, so that would be me.

Oh and I did mention the other day that I wanted to start a new mystery and decided to go with Lost by S.J. Bolton. So far, it’s just as good as I was expecting.

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