Mystery Book Group Night

I didn’t quite time my reading right and I had to rush the last few pages before mystery book group started tonight. I did get my book read just in time but I hate it when that happens. Anyway, we met to discuss The Cold Dish by Craig Johnson.

I think most people enjoyed it quite a bit, unfortunately I didn’t like as much and I so wanted to like it. There were some parts I enjoyed but there were a couple of things that didn’t work as well for me including the ending. I’ll try to write up a review of it and share more thoughts but having said that, would I read another? Sure, I probably wouldn’t mind checking another out but just not anytime soon.

Next month we’ll discuss The Last Child by John Hart, which seems like it has gotten a lot of good reviews.

While I was at the bookstore I saw that the latest Bookmarks Magazine was out and has a special section on mystery and crime fiction. I meant to buy it but totally forgot to go back to get it after the discussion. I guess that means another trip to the bookstore is in store for later this week.

But now, I’m off to spend the evening with Masters: Collage. My husband got me this book and it is such eye candy! I love it.

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