Must Read Magazines

I have to send a big thank you to Claire who sent me the latest issue of Mslexia. I love this magazine. Why won’t B&N or Borders carry this? Articles I’m most interested in are Why Literary Authors are Turning to Crime and The Lowdown on Women’s Weeklies.

Another favorite zine of mine arrived in my mailbox, Artitude Zine. I’m sure you’ve heard me mention that this is a perfect treat for those who are into paper arts. The summer issue is especially awesome as its theme is The Library.

There are articles on medieval book furnishings and the history of libraries. And, remember my little soldered glass pendant I made earlier this year? Turn to page 38 and there it is! A friend dared me to submit a photo of it for the zine’s call of projects with a library theme and I did and they printed it!

Also, I finally added two book reviews (more to come). Perhaps you’ll enjoy Silence of the Grave and/or The Reunion.