Must Read Magazine

The July/August issue of Utne magazine has some great articles that I recommend for you booklovers.

The first article that caught my attention was one on the state of American libraries. Faced with increasing costs, lack of funding and many other concerns can libraries, as we know them, be a thing of the past? How do librarians fight back and what can we do to keep our libraries?

For one, you can contact elected officials about library funding and policies. Visit the American Library Association’s “Issues & Advocacy” area for more information. Read the article and learn more about this.

Another interesting article was on literary readings. The writer, equates a reading to a bedside visit, and notes that the best writers are often incompetent readers. I guess I have been lucky because I’ve had the pleasure of listening to David Sedaris, Isabel Allende, Denise Chavez, Lisa Scottoline and Carol Shields, to name a few, and they were far from boring, nervous or incompetent. They were, in fact, quite wonderful. But maybe that was just me? Tell me your experiences.

Finally, there is a little ad in Utne about the video game, Curse of Blackmoor Manor. Yes, a Nancy Drew video game. Where have I been that I’ve never heard of this? I don’t play video games but this is downright tempting. Has anyone played it?