More New Books

You know, I had really thought about making April my no book buying month (I want to make a dent in my unread stacks), but I had that little coupon from Half Price Books burning a hole in my purse. So on the first of the month I promptly broke my little ban on no book buying.

At least it wasn’t a big book buying extravaganza. I came away with On Beauty by Zadie Smith and Abundance by Sena Jeter Naslund. Over the weekend some BookMooches also arrived, Wish by Melina Gerosa Bellows and Mail by Mameve Medwed. And, I also received the sweetest bookmarks from Tanabata. So cute and already in use!

Anyway, I’m afraid to update my Bookpedia file but I think I need to tackle that project this weekend. And, well as I already gave in and bought books in April there’s no sense in stopping the rest of this month right? I might as well as enjoy the book bargains, mooches, etc. Maybe May will be my no book buying month. Heh.

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