Month In Review

MonthInReviewI hope you all had a great weekend. We did not make it to the bookstore for our regular date night because my husband was busy with garden work all of Saturday. Instead though we went to a nearby coffeeshop in the afternoon to enjoy a sweet treat and a cappuccino for me and tea for my husband. We had our reading material with us so it was nice to hang out and just make time to read.

Anyway, now it’s time to wrap up another month. While June was a fabulous reading month in the amount of books I read, July was definitely not. Of course I was back from vacation and back to catching up with work, home life, etc. and unfortunately my reading has been slow. I only read three books in July.

It was also all about mysteries. I read The Woman In Blue by Elly Griffiths, Night Life by David C. Taylor and Murder in Morningside Heights by Victoria Thompson. I enjoyed all of these though so even if it wasn’t a month with a lot of books, at least no duds. I do have some other books that are ongoing but I’ll tell you about those in another post.

These books did not meet any of the requirements for my reading challenges so nothing to report on that end. There’s always next month right?

What I’m looking forward to in August though are a couple of book giveaways and an author guest post. What about you, what are you looking forward to in August?

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