Month in Review

I’m back from five days in Maui! Yes, it really was a work trip but there was quite a bit of downtime and it was wonderful to relax in such a beautiful place. Despite the devastation of the wildfires last year, you can feel the spirit of coming together to rebuild the community.

We had great meals and my favorites being the seafood and fruit. Of course some delicious desserts were also savored at every meal. We went on a whale watching tour and before you think it was all fun, we did some volunteering at Kipuka Olowalu. It was fascinating to learn about native plants and their traditional uses.

While you won’t be able to go into the historic Lahaina as that was lost in the wildfires, you can still visit Maui and help support the community. So if you are planning a trip, I encourage you to check out the Maui official travel site for more information on how you can help and enjoy a great time.

Obviously that is the highlight of the month. A month where I was feeling a bit overwhelmed but as usual travel always has such a great effect on me and I’m feeling a bit more refreshed and excited about a new month and spring just around the corner.

When it comes to the books at first I didn’t think I’d be reading much but time in Maui and the long flights meant I got a bit of extra reading time so I finished six books in February. They are: Winter Solstice by Rosamund Pilcher, These Silent Woods by Kim Cunningham Grant, The Clinic by Kate Quinn, Murder Road by Simone St. James, The Ascent by Adam Plantinga and Fish Swimming in Dappled Sunlight by Riku Onda.

By far, my favorite was Winter Solstice. There was something so comforting about that book and now I’m thinking why did I wait so long to read anything by Rosamund Pilcher? But at least there are more of her books to discover. I barely got in my book for the├é┬áJapanese Literature reading challenge but I did. Unfortunately, this book by Riku Onda wasn’t as great as the previous novel I read by her but still enjoyable.

I hope you had a wonderful month and can’t wait to hear if you’ve got some reading plans for next month.

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