Month in Review

How is it that we are getting ready for Christmas? The year is quickly drawing to a close and I still have so many books I want to read this year and challenges I want to finish but that’s always the way it goes, right?

I can’t complain though because this month has been fabulous for reading. I finished eight books and was able to read one for each of the reading events I joined in November.

Here’s what I read: The Devil’s Highway (Nonfiction November), Henrietta’s War (Novellas in November), The Testaments (#MARM), Go, Went, Gone (German Literature Month), Gone for Good, World of Wonders, In Five Years and A Little Hope.

A big thank you to all the hosts of the reading events in November. As usual, one of the reasons I join is to get some reading suggestions and you all had some amazing suggestions. My reading list is never-ending.

Not only did I read quite a bit more than usual, I did enjoy all of the books but my favorite was hands down, The Devil’s Highway. It was gut-wrenching. If your interested at all in the Mexico/U.S. Border issues, I think this is a must read. It’s not an easy read but I think the author does a good job of showing us just how complex the immigration issue is.

Looking ahead to December we are bombarded by best books of the year lists, gift guides and reading challenges for the new year and while I’m excited about all of that, I don’t want to rush the holiday season. I want to enjoy comfort reads and start thinking about reading plans for next year. Not to mention that it would be great if I could catch up on some reviews.

So hope you have a great reading month ahead and let me know if you’ve already started thinking about next year’s reading plans. So far I would say, join less reading challenges! Then again, you know how I am and watch I’m going to go nuts. Ha.

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