Month in Review

I hope you all you had great weekend and for all of you in the states, I hope you were able to celebrate the Memorial Day Holiday with your loved ones. We went out to the Zilker Park Botanical Gardens. It started raining as soon as we went in but we didn’t see anyone else around for at least 30 minutes so it was peaceful to sit and watch the rain and just be surrounded by nature. The rain finally stopped and we wandered around the different installations.

My husband was busy practicing his photography so while I waited for him at one point I just sat on a rock near a garden rivulet and watch the dragonflies that were flying around the flowers. I closed my eyes, focused on my breathing and listened to the water. It was lovely.

We would have stayed longer but it was starting to get a bit more crowded and warming up a lot more so we came back home and enjoyed a delicious corn and nectarine tabbouleh salad for lunch. I think this will become a go to salad during the summer.

We are both taking a few days off from work this week so we’ll see what else we get up to. It is supposed to rain most of the week but just to know we can enjoy some down time is great.

Now the books, I finally finished The Sixth Extinction and the last two chapters were great. It may have taken me a long time to finish but am so glad I read this book. I also read, Shadow on the Fens by Joy Ellis, Infinite Country by Patricia Engle, Fresh Water for Flowers by Valerie Perrin, and Hour of the Witch by Chris Bohjalian. I really enjoyed all of my books and will tell you more about them soon.

I’m excited about 10 Books for Summer and I also made a few book purchases in May so I’ll tell you about those in my next post. I hope you had a great month and would love to hear about your summer reading plans.

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