Month In Review

MonthInReviewIt’s time for another reading update. I finished five books in March. A Grave Matter by Anna Lee Huber, Boundary Waters by William Kent Krueger, Shame In the Blood by Tetsuo Miura, Photobooth: A Biography by Meags Fitzgerald, and House of Light by Mary Oliver. I enjoyed all of these even though I probably haven’t told you much about them. As usual, I’m behind on reviews.

Unfortunately I did have one DNF, which was I’ll See You In Paris by Michelle Gable. I just couldn’t connect to the main characters so I’ve set that aside for now.

Also I thought it would be good time for an update on my reading challenges status. I am participating in five reading challenges: What’s In a Name, Books In Translation, Back to the Classics, Poetry Challenge and Once Upon A Time.

This will be a quick challenge update because I’ve only made progress in two of my challenges, the Books in Translation and the Poetry Challenge. For Books In Translation I’ve read two out of the 10 books I’m hoping to read by end of the year. Like Family was originally published in Italian and Shame In the Blood was originally published in Japanese.

Oh and speaking of translations, check out the Best Translated Book of the Year Award Longlist. No doubt, I’ll find some great suggestions on that list. Have you read any?

For the Poetry Challenge I’m hoping to read three books poetry books this year and so far I’ve read House of Light by Mary Oliver. Of course, National Poetry Month starts in April and that means a bit more focus on poetry so stay tuned. I’m participating in Serena’s National Poetry Month Blog Tour later in the month so I hope to tell you about a new poetry discovery then.

What else is coming up in April? Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon! I won’t be able to participate as I’m taking a bookbinding class that day but hey, I’ll still be surrounded by books.

And, now one thing I’m super excited about is that one of my best friends is in town this weekend. So there will be shopping, laughter, coffee, more laughter, and good times! Hope you have a great reading month ahead and more bookish talk soon.

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