Month In Review

Thank you so much for the support in my previous post. I really appreciate your thoughts, prayers and all the support. It reminds me again of what a great little corner of the internet we have with our book blogs.

Speaking of books, I guess it’s time to get back to talking about them right? I think in my last post I mentioned something about not reading much this month and things did not improve towards the end of the month. I’m actually surprised I finished two books. They are: Nantucket Wedding by Nancy Thayer and Murder on the Quai by Cara Black.

I am looking forward to a new month and kind of hitting the reset button. I want to start some new books and enjoy my relatively organized craft room. I still need to tell you about library loans, new book finds and there are still pending book reviews. No rush on any of these items but it’s good for me to make lists to not get overwhelmed and make progress.

So let’s all look forward to a new month, what do you think? Any big plans or little plans you are excited about?

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