Monday Stuff

You won’t believe this, I had to go to the library again today. I totally didn’t plan on doing that but I had returned a DVD my mom had borrowed and she forgot to put the disk back in the case when I returned it. Darn. But, I was a good bookgirl and only stopped by to drop it off. No peeking at the new books!

And no trips to Half Price Books this week after all. The sale starts next week. I guess I was just so excited about coupons that I didn’t even bother reading the dates. Ah well, more time for me to plan which books I will look for.

In other book news if you read The Myth of You & Me, don’t forget that discussion of the book has started over at The Written Word. I wasn’t too keen on the book, here’s my review, but that’s the best part about a book discussion, you get to hear why others loved it, what moved them, what didn’t work, etc.

I’m giving up on Comfort Woman which is the book for the Reading Matters book group. I’ve read about 70 pages but I still can’t warm up to it. I will drop in on the book discussion to see what others say and perhaps I’ll be motivated to finish it then. That has happened to me before.

Finally, The Orange longlist is out. I’ve heard of several of the books, some are on my TBR list, but I’ve only read one, The Girls by Lori Lansens. I loved it so I’ll root for it. Have you read any of these? Any you want to recommend?

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