Meet the Press

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s getting a bit more crowded in my studio/library. Look at what my wonderful husband got me for Christmas – a bookbinding press! I’ve been wanting one of these forever and kept putting it off but I guess my husband probably got tired of me using his heavy art books to press my books. haha.

I haven’t had the chance to use it yet as I am taking a little break from bookbinding but I have some projects in mind so I’ll use it soon.

I also didn’t tell you but over the holidays another present I got was the Flow Book for Paper Lovers. There are some gorgeous cards, tags and of course papers in this book. I almost don’t want to use them but oh I will. And, I also bought the latest issue of Pages Magazine. There’s a great little tutorial on long and link stitching and some cool art jouranling techniques to try.

This year I want to make a new journal style to add to my shop. One thing that is important for me is that a book lie flat so it’s easy to use but I’m curious what type of journals do you like? A lot of people have asked me about lined pages but I don’t make lined journals because I can’t find lined paper that is not already a sewn or glued text block. I love the sewing part of bookbinding so I can’t give that up.

Anyway, what kind of journals do you like? Heavy papers, mixed papers, big, small? What about colors? Leather or cloth? Let me know. I’d love to find hear your thoughts and find inspiration for a new journal.

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