Mediterranean Noir

totalchaosIn Izzo’s novels, Marseilles is explosive, tragic, breathtakingly beautiful and deadly. Asked to explain the astounding success of his now legendary Marseilles trilogy, Izzo credits his beloved native city: “Essentially, I think I have been rewarded for having depicted the real beauty of Marseilles, its gusto, its passion for life, and the ability of its inhabitants to drink life down to the last drop.” (from the gatefold cover)

How does this sound to you? Makes you want to jump in and hold fast to your reading seat doesn’t it? I have four other books in progress and I don’t really want to start another book before finishing at least another of my books but I have no choice. I have to start Total Chaos by Jean-Claude Izzo.

Well aside from the fact that it does sound like a good story, this is my book selection for my reading group next week. Yes, I’ve done it again and waited too long to start my book. That’s ok, I’m looking forward to discovering a new author, finally reading some Mediterranean Noir. In case you don’t know this book is part of  the World Noir collection by Europa Editions.

So if you’ve read this let me know what you think. Have you read some Mediterranean Noir? What other books can you recommend?

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