Medieval Murder

My mom and I spent most of the evening shopping so the only thing I wanted to do when we got back home was sit and do nothing. My mom suggested that we relax and watch A Morbid Taste for Bones.

Oh what fun and why hadn’t I watched this before? My mom loves the Brother Cadfael PBS Mystery series and has some of the DVDs but I’d never seen them. I haven’t read the books either.

The one we saw is in the third DVD collection set but is actually the first book in the series. Brother Cadfael and some monks are sent to a Welsh village to reclaim the bones of St. Winifred after a young monk has had visions of the martyred saint. Of course, it’s not easy getting the bones from the village, and soon after their arrival the monks will find themselves implicated in a murder.

I really enjoyed this, even though I did guess who did it, and I am definitely planning to read the book, although I might be tempted to catch another of the episodes from my mom’s DVD collection.

Okay I’m really tired now. I’ll doubt I’ll get any reading done tonight but I’ll try.