Margaret Atwood Reading Month

I’m kicking off November by joining Margaret Atwood Reading Month! This event is hosted by Naomi at Consumed by Ink and Marcie at BuriedInPrint and inspired by their love of reading anything by Margaret Atwood through the years.  I’ve enjoyed several of Atwood’s novels so thank you in advance to our hostesses for this event!

So here’s the deal, from November 1, 2018 through November 30, 2018 you are invited to join in on the celebration. All you have to do is read one thing by Margaret Atwood or one hundred things (well, poems add up). Something. Anything. Printed page or audiobook: whatever tickles your fancy. You can read all the details by going to Consumed by Ink or Buried in Print.

This being the first week, it’s all about Beginnings, Your First Margaret Atwood.

I discovered Margaret Atwood sometime in the early 1990s. I’m pretty sure I happened across The Handmaid’s Tale as I was browsing the shelves at Book Stop or Waldenbooks. Remember those bookstore chains? I don’t have my original copy which is surprising but I must have passed it on to someone else.

The copy I now have I bought later on when I re-read the book for a book group discussion. I looked through my reading journal and I have a short note talking about what a great read this was. Looks like I read it December 1998 and it’s actually one of the few books I’ve re-read.

I can remember when I first read The Handmaid’s Tale how surprised and uncomfortable the book made me feel. I’d never read any fiction that had a dystopian setting and the notion that women were being used like this was appalling. I can see why this book has become a modern classic.

Since reading that novel, I have read a few others and still have more on my To Be Read shelf. I’ll tell you more about those in another post. What’s your experience been like with her novels and are you participating in Margaret Atwood Reading Month?

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