Making Books & Mooching Books

I think I underestimated how long it would take me to make my chunky book because I’ve been working on it for a couple of weeks now and still am not close to being done. Granted I only work on my book when I go to class once a week but there’s also a lot of waiting around during class too because sometimes we have to wait until pages are pressed, glue is dry and that sort of thing.

Today while we were waiting on the end pages to press our teacher showed us how to bleach paper. He’s restoring a book from the 1800s and as you can imagine the pages are browned. He immersed each page in a tray of water and hydrogen peroxide and voila, the pages started to whiten. It was pretty cool. But what a tedious process, you have to do that to each page, let them fully dry and then sew them back up again. For now I think I’ll stick with making new books. Hopefully I’ll have my chunky book ready in the next two weeks.

Anyway, another thing I’ve been doing quite a bit of lately is mooching books. I got tired of waiting for the newer books to show up as available so I’ve started looking around. There are some authors whose books I never seem to find, like Haruki Murakami or Italo Calvino but I keep trying. Anyway, I think I did pretty well and in the next few days the following books should show up in my mailbox:

Has anyone been mooching lately? Any good finds?

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