Make My Day

Eva was kind enough to give out this award yesterday and now I get to pass it on to 10 more bloggers. You all make my day you know that right? Still gotta pick some right so here it goes:


Jenclair – She always has wonderful reviews on a variety of genres and she makes beautiful quilts.
Matt – Takes some amazing pictures and writes such thoughtful posts.
Isabel – A great friend who I’m pretty sure turned me onto Haruki Murakami
Tanabata – Another blogger who takes amazing photos. Her descriptions of Japan make me want to book a ticket now.
Wendy – Love her reviews. I’ve lost count of the books added to my list after reading her reviews.
Stefanie – I’m pretty sure Stefanie’s was the first book blog I read and we share a love for Half Price Books.
Becca – A new book blog friend who reads a lot. We’ll get along just great.
Stephanie – I still miss her online book group but just happy she’s still blogging about books.
Melody – I’m pretty new to Melody’s blog but am already hooked.
Heather – I think she’s the one who I first heard talking about Twilight. Loved it and now I even read YA novels.

I think everyone already knows these wonderful bloggers but if you don’t please go visit them now. Just keep pen and paper in hand as they all read a lot and have great reviews.

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