Lucky Girl

Today I got home and my mailbox had a package from my dear friend Claire. She surprised me with the latest issue of Mslexia magazine and some love hearts.

I’ve skimmed a bit of Mslexia while I ate some Love Hearts. The magazine has articles on smart girls who blog (we are all mentioned in this article right?), finding your voice and how to write a bestseller. I can’t wait to have uninterrupted time to go through this magazine. I love it. Thank you Claire!

In other bookish news, I receive a monthly newsletter from Berkley Prime Crime which I enjoy reading. But this time, I had quite a giggle fit when I saw I saw the title and blurb for Creature Cozies. Isn’t that cover hilarious? I read a lot of mysteries (including cozies) but I draw the line when pets are the sleuths. Is it me or do you feel that way too?

Okay off to continue reading Fall on Your Knees.