Love Story

Today is a good day for a love story isn’t it. I started reading Love is Mixed Tape last night and I’m thoroughly enjoy it. Laura you are right, so readable. It’s a fast read too as I’m already half way through it.

Rob Sheffield writes about his life and love of his life, Renée, using songs from his collection of mix tapes as reference points. I feel as if I’ve got a soundtrack playing while reading this book. R.E.M, Morrissey, Boy George, Blondie, Led Zeppelin, it’s all in here.

“I believe that when you are making a mix, you’re making history. You ransack the vaults, you haul off all the junk you can carry, and you rewire all your ill-gotten loot into something new. You go through an artist’s entire career, zero in on that one moment that makes you want to jump and dance and smoke bats and bite the heads off drugs. And then you play that one moment over and over. A mix tape steals these moments from all over the musical cosmos, and splices them into a whole new groove.”

All you music lovers can probably relate to that right? Anyway, I can’t wait to read more of this love story with a box of chocolates next to me of course. heh. And, I see some of you are also reading some good love stories/poems lately, Danielle, Jenclair, Litlove and Patricia. Anyone else read a good love story today?

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