Losing Credibility

I think I may be losing my BookGirl credibility as I can’t seem to finish a book. I’ve got 5 books started, some I have just given up on, and what’s worse I didn’t finish reading the book for tonight’s book club. The shame!But last night I may have had a breakthrough. I started reading (I figured I needed a brand new book to get out of the reading funk) After the Armistice Ball which Danielle had mentioned a while back. Only two chapters into it but it is delightful.

Set after WWI, the book is the beginning of a mystery series featuring Dandy Gliver. It’s bound to be a cozy mystery but so far the author has done a wonderful job of capturing a bygone era. If you’ve read any of the Persephone books, then you might be attracted to this one. Well, at least so far I think this will capture the spirit of those gems.

In other exciting weekly news, did you BAFAB? It’s simple, just buy a friend a book and pass along the love of reading.

And, totally random but a great story that will melt a bookaholic’s heart is this one about a Brazilian man who can barely read but has been amassing a collection of books because he knows they are the gateway to a better life.