Looking for Comfort

Hi Friends, I hope you are all doing well. I’ve been meaning to catch up but the state of the world has had me on edge lately. I know the worst thing to do is worry but it’s hard not to when I deal with a lot of people on a daily basis at work, I care for an aging parent, etc. It’s hard to stop my mind from going to what-ifs. Anyway, I know most of you must also be feeling the stress so let’s all take a collective deep breath and wish each other well.

This weekend I was supposed to go to a bookbinding class and that was cancelled. Then my book group next week has been cancelled. Honestly, I’m totally fine with all that. If I need to stay closer to home so be it but right now I wish I could magically escape to a peaceful place. Which is why I am sharing another picture from Joshua Tree National Park. Beautiful isn’t it?

One thing I have been enjoying lately is the Headspace app. I got a free introductory month and I’m loving it! I haven’t done the guided meditations yet but I love the soft sounds. I’ve been listening to these during my lunch hour and or when I am relaxing while reading.

Speaking of reading, there are so many books I have waiting to be read but I am really in the mood for comfort reads lately. Typically I turn to mysteries but maybe it’s time to look for some cozy mysteries or some romance novels. What’s your go to for comfort reads? If you have a feel good book to recommend let me know.

Alright everyone, wash your hands, practice some social distancing and let’s get through this. Be well my friends!

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