Little Stack

Had a very fun evening with my mystery book group. We met up at a restaurant, traded books and discussed Nobody Move. I really had nothing to add to the discussion as I pretty much skimmed the book (I won’t even count that one toward my yearly books read total) but I really enjoyed my dessert. I had key lime pie – yum.

Twice a year when we meet up at a restaurant we enjoy dinner and we bring in stacks of books we want to trade. We pass books around and I’ve been able to walk off with more books than I bring in – don’t know how that happens – but this time I was a bit more choosy and I had a hard time selecting books to take home. Still I ended up with this little stack:

The Sandford and Berry book I actually picked up for my husband as they seem more like the thrillers he enjoys. The P.D. James book I couldn’t pass up. I was hesitant to take the Shreve book because I really haven’t had much luck with her books but one of the members told me she really liked it and we seem to share the same taste in books so I’ll give it a go. Have you read any of these?

Anyway a fun time. Tomorrow, some mini reviews!

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