Little Break

It looks like my posts will be hit or miss this week again as I’m a bit busy with work but I did have a very good time at the bookstore today as my mystery book group met up tonight. Aside from discussing our current book we also made some book choices for the upcoming months. Tana French, Linda Fairstein, Henning Mankell, and some others are on the list for the next few months.

I know this is old news at this point but can I just say how bummed out I am to hear that Border’s is closing? I was sad when they closed all the Austin stores but at least I knew I could still visit them somewhere whenever I traveled but now no more.

I have so many wonderful memories of Borders. The first time I joined a reading group was at Borders. I got to see a lot of authors (Isabel Allende, Ian Rankin and many others) for readings and book signings. When Borders first opened in Dallas they also had a lot of poetry chapbooks which was quite cool.

I spent many evenings hanging out with friends or my husband at Borders and I’m going to miss that. Thank goodness we still have B&N and an indie bookstore where I live, but still it is just sad whenever a bookstore closes don’t you think? Anyway, again, sorry for the lack of posts lately but I’ll be back soon.

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