Literary News

I’m catching up on my reading but for now I’ll leave you with these literary news:

Prince William County is reaching readers in new ways with the Viva! Van. By setting up a display at the grocery store in a largely Hispanic community grocery store, the librarians hope to entice readers to pick up a book. You know, I hate grocery shopping but something like this could change my mind. I wonder if the Viva! Van would consider coming out my way.

It’s time for another award. This time it’s the Orange Prize for fiction, now in it’s 10th year. The 2005 long list has just come out but the debate is still going strong on whether this award should even exist or not. All I have to say is that at least more authors get to be recognized for their work.

Find out who are the new writers making their mark on the literary scene. I’m glad to finally see more than a couple of reviews in my local newspaper. Also I’m glad they didn’t forget about non-fiction and poetry.

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