Literary Evening

We had a great nomination evening at my foreign authors book group. We nominated about 25 titles. Books from Nigeria, Nepal, Italy, England, China, and many other countries. Each one sounded so very interesting.

Our group leader is tallying the votes so we’ll find out in the next few days which books will make the cut for next year’s reading list. I’ll keep you posted.

After we nominated the books we chatted for a while. We talked about how we all wished we were independently wealthy so we could stay home and read. We shared our book madness when we each spoke lovingly of the “Books to be Read” lists we each keep. Some use index cards, others categorize them by genre and others keep excel spreadsheets.

Yes, we are all mad but isn’t it a great madness?

We’ll meet again in a month when we discuss Affinity by Sarah Waters. That was one of my nominations – I hope they like it.