I gave up on Birds Without Wings because I had checked it out from the library and I couldn’t renew again as there was another hold on it. This means that when I finally get it back I’m probably going to have to start at the beginning. Sigh.

Anyway, I’ve got to go wrap a little gift for my husband (tomorrow is our wedding anniversary – four years, yeah!) so for now I leave with you some literary news.

The Elements of Style, E.B. White and William Strunk’s classic manual on writing and usage is now illustrated. Check out NPR to hear an interview with the illustrator and you can even see a few of the illustrations. What do you think, was this a good idea or not?

UTNE’s latest edition features their 2005 Independent Press Award nominees. I’m excited to see Bust on the list. I’m not too familiar with some of the others so if you have one to recommend let me know.

If you are a fan of mystery writer Sujata Massey check out this interview in which she talks about her sleuth, being a former fashion writer and her love of the Little House on the Prairie Books. Awww. I know I’m looking forward to reading the latest Rei Shimura book.