Links and More Links

I found some interesting new links so if you haven’t seen these yet I hope you enjoy them.

Tournament of Books – The Tournament doesn’t start until March but in case you want to read along, the 16 book selections have been released. No, I haven’t read a single one. I’ve heard of all of them just haven’t read them. Should be fun to read the reviews.

Literary Podcasts – I haven’t listened to any podcasts yet but I will check them out. I know NPR has one and now Harper Perennial has launched theirs as well. I just hope this doesn’t mean author tours will be a thing of the past.

Poetry Month – It’s not April yet but it’s not too early to start thinking about it National Poetry month. My first thought is how do I get this poster? Isn’t it fantastic? There’s also a new poetry blog, Cruelest Month, that looks like something I’ll enjoy.

Now I’m off to check my public library’s listing of books forthcoming in March. You know I’m going to be placing some holds.