It’s time again to share some cool findings from around the web.

Do you keep a diary and if you do would you share it with anyone? One of my dear friends and I tried to do a traveling diary once but didn’t quite keep up with it but look at these journalers who’ve managed to keep a journal going for a year. So cool.

Have you ever dreamed of walking into a story from a book? Well a group of artists has just recreated the Goodnight Moon bedroom!

Speaking of bedrooms how about upgrading your tissue boxes with Tissue Book boxes.

On the topic of book and paper arts, take a look at this book which highlights paper works from 24 artists. All the intricate cuts are just amazing. I want to know how long it took to make some of these art works.

And, when you have new books you need new shelves right? Can you imagine these shelves from Tokyo’s Kadokawa Culture Museum. I’m sure even with all of these some of us would still say not enough room for all the books. It’s beautiful and if there were some comfy couches around I’d never leave.

I hope you enjoyed these and have a delightful weekend exploring your surroundings real or imagined.

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