A quick post to share some stuff I’ve found around the web that I think you might enjoy:

We all love supporting Indie bookshops and presses right? Well, Rebecca from Of Books and Bicycles now has a newsletter devoted to Reading Indie. I hope you’ll sign up and get ready to add a lot more books to your TBR.

Speaking of indie and small presses, if your more of a crime fiction enthusiast then you need to read this article from CrimeReads to learn about the indie presses that specialize in crime fiction. I’ve read quite a few books from Bitter Lemon Press but need to check out some of these others.

If you’ve been spending time cleaning out your closets during the pandemic, make sure you look through everything. I mean, what if you found some amazing art├é┬átucked away in a family scrapbook!

And, talking about art, look at these paper sculptures of endangered flora and fauna. Aren’t they beautiful.

More, paper art this time turning newspapers into lace collages. I’m in awe of the detail.

For those of you who enjoy sending cards and letters, how about some that are library inspired?

And, finally because we can all use a reason to smile, here are some super cute field mice in tulips!

Now off to enjoy the weekend. I’ve been super busy with work and just trying to get back to a normal routine so I’m excited the weekend is here. I hope you enjoy yours too!

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