It’s time for another post where I share some recent interesting reads from around the net. I hope you enjoy these!

For those of you who enjoy coloring books, did you know that cultural collections are sharing free coloring content Color Our Collections. The event generally happens in February but you can still access the information. So cool!

I know some of you enjoy book sculptures so check out these craggy mountains and waterway channels. Love artists give old books a new life.

Speaking about the love of paper, when I lived in Dallas and got started in bookbinding, I remember visiting Paper Arts. It’s an amazing shop and so glad to see a story about it’s founder, Teri Thoman. If you are ever in Dallas, you must go visit.

If you enjoy wearable art, how about this pendant with a mini library on it! You can see more of the artist’s miniature worlds here.

Finally, if you are like me and when you travel you like to read a book set in the country you are visiting, then check out The Book Trail. You can find suggestions for when you go on your adventures.

And, for those of you who enjoy a good podcast here is a list of 52 Inspiring & Entertaining podcasts for your studio time.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. November 23, 2019