Light Reading Ahead

I’ve got dozens of books waiting to be read. Books that have won awards, books that come highly recommended from friends, and books to read for my book groups, but none of these are calling my name.

Instead, I want to read silly, fluffy books. Give me Chic Lit, mysteries and even books about vampires. Has anyone read the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris? The heroine is a telepathic barmaid who is dating a vampire. Can you get any sillier than that? Ooh but they are so fun.

Is it because it’s summer? Maybe I feel like I also need a summer break from heavy tomes and serious books. I know soon enough I’ll be back to reading non-fiction, magical realism and award-winning fiction but for now I’ll take all the fluffy books I can get.

Anyone have any suggestions for fun fiction books?

For now, let me get back to my Charlaine Harris, my Donna Andrews, and my Pamela Ribon. The Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Haruki Murakami books will still be on my nightstand waiting for me.