Library Visit

It has been quite a while since I went to the library. Last time was in December and I was dropping off some magazines for the magazine exchange program but I didn’t even look at the new books shelf! I do use the library frequently but basically for Audiobooks through the Libby App. However, I needed a book for my upcoming mystery book group and as I’ve been trying to curb my book buying a bit as my shelves are overflowing then I thought it’s time to visit the library!

I was happy to see a display for Women’s History Month although I was hoping it would have a bit more nonfiction but maybe those books were already checked out. I didn’t grab any from the display but went over to the holds section to pick up The Bullet that Missed by Richard Osman for my upcoming mystery book group discussion, and then of course went over to the new books section.

There were so many new books that caught my attention but I only picked up two additional books: Roman Stories by Jhumpa Lahiri, translated with Todd Portnowitz and My Brilliant Friend the graphic novel by Chiara Laguna and Mara Cerri. So excited about these. Have you read them?

Before I left of course I had a look at the magazine exchange table because I am really into collage lately for my crafty projects and enjoy going through magazines to pull images I can use. I was able to get several magazines and bonus, some of these are from AllRecipes and Cooking Light which means we may have some new recipes to try this spring.

So a fun visit and now off to get started on one of these books. Let me know if you’ve been going to your library lately and what you’ve found.

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