Library Loot

library-loot.jpgWell, after posting about my super buys yesterday, I didn’t really need new books but I had to return some books to the library (yes, some unread) and I couldn’t help but check out some new ones. What can I say, it’s just hard to walk by the New Shelves and not take a peek.

I only checked out four books though so I showed some restraint. Here’s what I got:

Attachment by Isabel Fonseca. This is quite a departure from her non-fiction book Bury Me Standing, which I remember reading a long time ago. This is latest book is a story about a successful couple who seem to have it all until one day Jean, the wife, discovers a salacious love letter addressed to her husband.

Ethel & Ernest: A True Story by Raymond Briggs. I’ve been enjoying a few graphic novels this year (I still need to tell you about those!) and so when I saw this one I thought it sounded good and ddin’t want to pass it up. This story is about the lives of the author’s parents, Ethel and Ernest. They met in the 1920s and through this book we get a glimpse at their life.

Cézanne’s Quarry by Barbara Corrado Pope. A young woman is found murdered and the clues lead to her lover, Paul Cezanne. A mystery about love and art. Sounds good doesn’t it?

New Stories from the South 2008 edited by ZZ Packer. As I’m on a bit of a short story kick I quickly grabbed this book when I saw it. From the back cover: Here you’ll find young girls encountering their first taste of a corrupt adult world, a boy meeting his father for the first time, an uncle dealing with a nephew who’s turned to meth. But this is still the South, and there is an alligator to be dealt with, a hurricane churning offshore, and the belief that a day at the beach can cure all.

That’s my loot. What about you, what have you checked out?

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