Library Finds

My poor TBR stacks are going to be in trouble soon. It seems that this year I just can’t stop visiting the library. Ah well, that’s a problem I don’t mind having, you know.

So want to hear what I found on my latest visit?

  • There Once Lived a Woman Who Tried to Kill Her Neighbor’s Baby by Ludmilla Petrushevskaya. What a title right? This is a collection of short stories which “blend the miraculous with the macabre”. Sounds creepy good.
  • The House of Bilqis by Azhar Abidi. A haunting novel about mother and son and the emotional consequences of leaving home. Ooh, after reading Brookner’s Leaving Home where it was a daughter leaving her mother this should be a good way to see the flip side.
  • Borges and the Eternal Orangutans by Luis Fernando Verissimo. Vogelstein is a loner who has always lived among books. Suddenly, fate grabs hold of his insignificant life and carries him off to Buenos Aires, to a conference on Edgar Allan Poe. How could I resist this premise.
  • The Ballad of West Tenth Street by Marjorie Kernan. Full of lower Manhattan’s eccentricities, this captivating debut peeks in on the family of a late rock icon, Ree Hollander, in its West 10th Street townhouse.
  • The Best American Poetry 2009. I hope I’ll find some new poets/poems to call favorites.

I also still have a bunch of other books I’d checked out last week or so. Oh my, I need to read faster so I won’t have to return all of this unread! That happens to you too right?

Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I’m going to Dallas for a quick visit but stay tuned for my next post because I’ve got a little giveaway to announce.

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