Library Books & Coupons

I stopped at the library on Saturday and I picked up my three holds and read a couple of magazines while I was there. The only thing that marred my stop was that I didn’t find any poetry books that I couldn’t leave without.

My library is really a great source for fiction, non-fiction, etc. We have comfy couches, free wireless connections, lots of computers, and we even have a cafe! Yes, drinks and food are allowed in my library. But one thing had to give I guess and that would be the poetry section. It is miniscule. Only two shelves devoted to poetry and the books look like they’ve been there for ages. Still, I won’t complain because I know my library is a good one. Hopefully though some rich patron will donate some poetry books.

Anyway here’s what I got on my visit:

The Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears by Dinaw Mengestu. From Kirkus Review: Mengestu skirts immigrant-literature cliches and paints a beautiful portrait of a complex, conflicted man struggling with questions of love and loyalty… A nuanced slice of immigrant life.

Hide & Seek by Clare Sambrook. From Publishers Weekly: This taut, suspenseful debut novel narrated by a young boy takes as its premise the unthinkable and its aftermath: the disappearance of a child during a school field trip.

Consequences of Sin by Clare Langley-Hawthorne. From Publishers Weekly: Langley-Hawthorne’s debut, billed as the first in a new Edwardian series, introduces an aspiring journalist and an Oxford-educated heiress, Ursula Marlow, who has a lot to learn about good detective work.

Don’t all of these sound good? I wish I could read them all right now. To make matters worse guess what I got in the mail? Coupons for Half Price Books. Coupons for all of this week. Oh yes, I will be making trips to Half Price Books.

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