Let’s Discuss

I almost forgot, the book discussion of The Mermaids Singing has started over at The Written Word. Hope you’ll join in. I did read the book and found it pleasant enough. You can read more of my thoughts here.

Today I got a call from the barrista at Starbucks reminding me about their new book group. Darn. A long time ago I would have been over the moon to be invited to join a book group but now that I’m pretty active in two groups I can’t really see myself joining another. She was just so enthusiastic about it when she mentioned it and well I get carried away too. Who wouldn’t when discussing books right? Oh well, I’ll call her. Just wait, I’ll be going to another book group soon. Ha.

Finally, while I was looking for some books earlier tonight I thought about Bas Bleu and headed over to their site. What do you know, you can now see the whole catalog online – woot! I love the variety of their books and bookish gifts. Currently I’m intrigued by the six titles they are carrying from Felony & Mayhem Press.

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