Late at Night

Late in the night when I should be asleep
under the city stars in a small room
I read a poet. A poet: not
a versifier. Not a hot-shot
ethic-monger, laying about
him; not a diary of a lying
about in cruel cruel beds, crying.
A poet, dangerous and steep.

Excerpt from Gentle Reader by Josephine Jacobson

I have been reading very late at night all week. I haven’t been reading dangerous poetry, but I have been reading about treacherous people. The Other Boleyn Girl has been a compelling read. I stayed up until 1:00 to finish the book last night. So again, thank you to all of you who recommended this book to me.

Lack of sleep and an unpleasant work situation have definitely made me ready for the weekend. How about you, are you ready?

I plan to dine with friends, have breakfast at Borders, catch a movie or a concert or both, and start some new books.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.