Just What I Need

I’ve started subscribing to magazines again. Normally, you’d see me at the bookstore leafing through the magazines (I know you do that too so don’t make me feel guilty) but I keep getting postcards of special introductory offers and this time I couldn’t refuse. It was a two for one for Yoga Journal and Organic Style magazines. I really wanted the Yoga Journal magazine.

Since I started doing yoga a couple of years ago I’ve been reading Yoga Journal. I like the articles and I keep thinking maybe one day what I’m doing will actually look like what’s on the pages but I was a bit more hesitant about Organic Style – would that be Birkenstocks and no make-up? I mean, those are fine sometimes but not usually for this girly girl.

The first issue I got has articles on accepting change, seafood facts and how does your city’s water rank? I’ve skimmed through it and it’s okay but I probably need a few more issues before I decide if I’ll become a long-time subscriber.

Now Yoga Journal has some interesting stuff. I found out that there’s such a thing as Yoga Nidra, which is also known as yogic sleep or sleep awareness. Now that’s a class for me! I’m sure my form would be great.

I can’t wait to read the rest. I always feel so excited about trying new things after I read this but now I’m even more upset that the yoga studio I was going to doesn’t offer evening classes anymore. See, I need some of that relaxation stuff.