I’ve Got Mail

Lots of great stuff has been appearing in my mailbox lately. Well, some not so good stuff like a letter from the city telling us to repair our fence or the bills but let’s not dwell on those.

Instead let me say thank you to Danielle who sent me her extra copy of The Highest Tide. I’ve read so many good comments about this book that it’s definitely in the nearest book pile by my bed. This means, it will get read soon.

I also received a beautiful hardbound book of poetry from one of my aunts in Mexico. She sent me the collected works of Fray Luis de Leon, “a genius who astounds the world and who, in ecstasy, might rob us of our senses,” according to Cervantes.

And, I also got a postcard from Christine from her recent trip to Vegas. Woo-hoo, more to add to my postcard collection.

I hope this trend of fun mail continues.