I’ve Been Reading

I’ve been going back and forth between two books this week and have gotten addicted to some great blogs.

Things My Girlfriend and I have Argued About by Mil Millington is my lunch break book. It’s funny. I would even say, Laugh Out Loud Funny. Pel lives with his girlfriend Ursula and their kids. Seemingly living an uneventful life while bickering about things. There is a thriller plot involving the mafia, stolen money, etc. which is coming up according to the blurb on the back but I haven’t gotten there yet.

Then there is my stay-up-late reading book, The Lake of Dead Languages by Carol Goodman. Suicide pacts, students misbehaving and Latin what else can you ask for. I’m even finding the descriptions of ice and winter weather strangely fascinating even though I’m definitely a sun and summer kind of girl.

What else am I reading? Michele Agnew’s blog. She’s someone else in love with books and words. How wonderful is that. Another good blog is BookLust. Patricia has snappy commentary and great illustrations. Check them out soon.

And, last but not least, did everyone hear the news about S.E. Hinton coming out with a new book this fall? Who didn’t love The Outsiders and That Was Then…This Is Now. I was about to say can’t wait, but actually we have been waiting for this for sixteen years.