It’s Late

I had all intentions of posting the Boston pics but I ended up watching Medium instead. I’m so bad. In my defense that’s the only television program I watch. It’s the spookiness factor that draws me in.

I’m off to New York tomorrow so I won’t be able to blog until Friday. Boo-hoo. I wanted to leave you with some links to literary articles but I can’t find any in my local newspaper (not that they have many to begin with) but I can’t even find the book section anymore!

I sent them an email because certainly they haven’t done away with it. I mean, it could be me being tired and overlooking the link. At least it better be because a newspaper without a book section is not worth my reading time, and I will stop reading that paper if the book section is gone. So yes, I’m a bit outraged right now.

I think it’s time to go to bed and do some comfort reading.