It’s A Mystery

Last week I joined my Mystery Book group to discuss Stone Dead by Christopher Wortley. To sum it up, this book was not one of our favorites. It was a bit all over the place. Was it a mystery, was it fantasy, who was the target audience? I will say though as usual with a book that is not a favorite, we had a very lively discussion. I’ll try to do a bit of a review later.

Now to look forward to our upcoming reads:
State of Terror by Hillary Rodham Clinton
Walk the Wire by David Baldacci
Ghost Daughter by Helen Curie Foster

I’ve not read any of these but I have read a book by Helen Curie Foster (local author) and I’m excited to read another one in her series. Plus, she’s going to be at our book group meeting to share more about her writing process, characters, etc.

Oh and speaking of mysteries, in not so good news, Mystery Scene Magazine suspended its print publication in December. Ugh another great magazine I enjoy bites the dust. Luckily they are still publishing articles and reviews online.

Now in exciting news the Mystery Writers of America announced the 2023 Edgar Nominees? There are several nominated for Best Novel that I am really curious to read. Our mystery group read The Red Palace by Jane Hur in December and we quite enjoyed it so I was happy to see it made the nominees list for Best Young Adult.

Would love to hear if you’ve read any of these or on the Edgar’s list. Or maybe you have a good mystery to recommend!

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