Invisible Girl

“I duck down and pull my hoodie close around my face. Ahead of me the girl with red hair is picking up speed; she knows she’s being followed. I pick up my speed to match hers. I only want to talk to her, but I can tell from the way she’s moving that she’s terrified. I slow down at the sound of muffled footsteps behind me. I turn and see a figure coming after us. I don’t need to see their face to know who it is. It’s him.”

Invisible Girl
By Lisa Jewell
Source: Advance review copy

The life of four Londoners is about to intersect in ways they cannot even imagine. First, there is Owen Pick, a 30-year-old who still lives with his aunt. He hasn’t been very successful in love and now there are allegations of misconduct with students so while the university conducts their investigation he is suspended.

Across the street from him are the Fours. They are only there on a temporary basis as they wait on home renovations. Cate is busy with her work and taking care of their children while Roan is a psychotherapist. He is busy with his therapy practice, going on runs and Cate suspects perhaps busy with other extramarital activities.

And, then there is 17-year-old Saffyre Maddox who used to be a patient of Roan’s. She suffered abuse as a child and thought she was feeling better until Roan decided she was cured but she’s not and she’s not quite ready to stop seeing Roan either and one day she finds out where he lives and decides to keep watch and see what she learns about Roan.

Meanwhile a series of sexual assaults are occurring in the area and things take a turn for the worse with the disappearance of Saffyre. As the police conduct their investigations the lives of these four protagonists will be forever changed. I enjoyed the twists and the changing points of view. I find that just like in previous Lisa Jewell books, suspicion always points in various directions and that makes for an engaging read. It’s not my favorite of hers but I couldn’t wait to turn one more page just to see what next.

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