I love finding inspiration for my bookbinding, craft and writing projects any way I can. By going to art exhibits, enjoying artists’ blogs, looking through photos, watching my husband do calligraphy, etc. So it’s no wonder that right now I’m in love right with this fabulous book.

I keep a handwritten journal, have done so since I was a kid, but over the past couple of years have I explored the idea of visual journals. Mine is still more about writing but every once in a while, I’ll throw in some photos, postcards, and other ephemera but seeing this collection of 31 artists’ journals makes me want to go in a new direction.

Drawing from Life: The Journal As Art is not the first book Jennifer New has put together on visual journals, her earlier book is the chronicle of Dan Eldon, which is also a very worthwhile book.

For another review on the book you can check out the latest Pages Magazine article. For those of you out there who enjoy doing art, whether it’s painting, drawing, photography, etc., what books have inspired you?