Indie Bookstore

logo.jpgI told you I was going to check out Legacy Books while I was in Dallas right? Well, my best friend and I headed out to dinner on Saturday and we decided to stop in at the new independent bookstore in the Dallas Metroplex first.

Legacy Books is in a very nice and upscale shopping center so I guess that should have been the tip off. It is really lovely. All hardwood floors, minimalist and modern decor, well lit and yet, I didn’t fall in love. I guess I was hoping for something maybe a bit more cozy.

They did seem to have a good fiction and mystery section and they also have a nice newsletter which you can download from their main page. There’s also a cafe but unfortunately you need to make your purchases first before taking in any items. So, I’m glad I went but I’m also glad I live near BookPeople. That is my indie of choice. Just a bit more cozy and a bit more offbeat.

I did want to buy a book to give an indie some support but we had to rush off to dinner so maybe next time. Which is just as well because I have a bunch of new books that have arrived. I’ll tell you about those tomorrow.

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